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Alaiola means "pathway to good health" and Alaiola Healthcare Solutions strives daily to uphold the golden standards of healthcare and medicine through helping make the lives of individuals healthier through research, development and distribution of innovative healthcare products that are pure and safe for the environment. Alaiola also offers training programs and applications for monitoring patients and self in the most customized ways. 


Alaiola advocates for those who need our help by providing time and resources that help individuals and patients become more accountable for their own health outcomes. Sustainability in health has become an accountability standard. Individualized and customized clinical diagnostics that include pharmacogenetics (PGx) is an outstanding product result that will allow you the confidence to know that your patients are being prescribed the best possible medication for their system's metabolism.


Alaiola Healthcare Solutions covers the following areas and partners with many agencies and associations to help educate patients while assisting healthcare personnel to reach their ongoing goals of improving patient care:

- Clinical Diagnostics (customized programs)

- Patient care and hygiene maintenance products

- Stanford Diabetes Self-Management Program* 

- Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program*

- Boston University/Maine Health Matter of Balance Program* 

- Wound care product development

- Wound care product distribution (NPWT)

- Healthcare training programs

- Health monitoring plan applications 

*(in partnership with medical and municipal offices through agency licensing)


For specific product information, CALL US NOW at 817-677-9770. Please use the "Contact Us" tab on this site to set up for RFQ and RFP inquiries. HIPPA compliant fax is used for MEDICARE/INSURANCE orders -- available on NPWT):

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy options can be discussed to best fit needs of each organization, clinical training is included. Our onsite education programs [COMING SOON] help provide further levels of care. 

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