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Multimorbidities surround chronic diseases and one example is the clogging of arteries and valves of the heart associated often times with Type 2 diabetes. Since this disease can be lessened, and in some cases is preventable, there will be a big focus on our site to advocate both healthy eating and lifestyle -- including exercise programs, relaxation techniques and monitoring vehicles that help you track your progress.


Alaiola Healthcare Solutions hopes you enjoy learning from our experts and advisors as we build our new site and urge you to contribute from your case studies and experiences. A special blog corner will be set up soon with advisor inputs. 


Look for publishable programs and a rejuvenation blog corner coming in the future. This site will be extremely fluid, so there will be a system set up for repository so that we can reference as necessary the new programs to the old programs.

From the S.W.A.T. Wound Management Team

Understanding the importance of skin integrity

Jan 28, 2017
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