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Alaiola™ Healthcare Solutions provides solutions for:

  • Smoke and fire detection; sanitary pulls for nursing units
  • Wound care/patient care products and tools for management
  • Multi-surface nanotechnology cleaners and coatings that are certified eco-responsible
  • Ongoing study and practice management support through education (community and staff, and soon to be available both online and onsite!)

Our goal is to help build your practice and your patients' knowledge and confidence in their own self-management -- relationships through partnering to improve pathways to good health.


Additionally, the self-management program classes are ongoing and will remain in effect as both a benefit to our partners and, moreover, their patients. Alaiola also partners with special wound care and healthcare partners to offer medical staff wound care training, CPR certifications and also additional CE credits through a dynamic system. Other relationships include study management and utilization of ongoing study data to ensure higher levels of patient care and prevention of chronic diseases where that is possible.


Alaiola™ is developing new devices that will help in body systems monitoring and wound care management. Those products will be advertised after tested and Alaiola is extending partnerships and contributorships to help facilitate our key areas and goals.

For specific product information, CALL US NOW at 817-677-9770. Please use the "Contact Us" tab on this site to set up for RFQ and RFP inquiries. HIPPA compliant fax is used for MEDICARE/INSURANCE orders -- available on NPWT):

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy options can be discussed to best fit needs of each organization, clinical training is included. Our onsite education programs [COMING SOON] help provide further levels of care. 

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